Repairing Homes for Those in Our Neighborhood

Some of our neighbors have home repair needs that go unmet, which can be of great concern to them. As some neighbors age, they may find that they are unable to complete the repairs they once could have, or that they have crucial repair needs that require a greater skill level. Through a Group Mission Trips Workcamp that was hosted in Westfield in June of 2021, 30 of our neighbors' homes in Westfield, Sheridan, Cicero and Noblesville were repaired at no cost to the homeowner. Repairs included wheel-chair ramps, decks, mobile home skirting installation, and exterior painting.  

We hosted another home repair camp in June 2023 the repaired 23 homes in Northern Hamilton County. 200 people, mostly high schoolers, from nine states spent a week in Westfield serving our neighbors.

Ramps, Decks, and Painting

Keeping up a house takes work, tender loving care, and often some needed repairs. Our work for local neighbors will range from interior and exterior painting, to carpentry, drywalling, and basic masonry, depending on the needs of the particular site. Our desire is to provide repairs that will provide a safe and healthy home for those in our neighborhoods. Have additional questions? Check out our frequently asked questions.

“ We are all on a journey - each one of us. And if we can be sensitive to the person who happens to be our neighbor, that, to me, is the greatest challenge as well as the greatest pleasure.” - MR. (FRED) ROGERS

Lend a Ladder

One way you can help your community through our workcamp is by lending your ladder(s) for the variety of home repairs throughout the week.

On average, each workcamp requires up to 75 ladders. Because ladders are very difficult to transport, very few participants will be able to bring them to workcamp. This means we will need to find ladders from within our community to use for the week.

If you would like to learn more about the process or would like to lend a ladder, fill out our Lend a Ladder form!

Group Mission Trips

Group Mission Trips is an international, ecumenical, volunteer, Christian youth mission trip organization that brings together teenagers and adults from church youth groups, for week-long summer work camp, in which participants repair or renovate homes in various communities. Since its founding in 1977, over a quarter million people have participated in serving, providing over 6 million hours of volunteer service to local residents. In a typical camp, 200-350 students and adults will come from throughout the midwest. Westfield Washington Schools is partnering with us to house our particpants who will spend the week providing the needed repairs for local residents. groupworkcamps.com

Local Volunteers Needed

Many volunteers with varied skills are needed now to prepare for this work camp. We will need those to assist us in finding residents who have repair needs, in assessing the specific repairs needed, and producing repair documents that will be used by those who will be working on the sites. If you have interest, please email us.

We would love to meet you? Have questions?

Send an email (forourneighborinfo@gmail.com) and we'll be in touch with you soon!