Frequently Asked Questions

Who is doing the repairs?  

CrossRoads Church at Westfield is partnering with Group Mission Trips. CrossRoads Church is an established church in Westfield who serves our local community in a variety of ways through their For Our Neighbor ministry. They are partnering with Group Mission Trips who is based in Fort Collins, CO. 


When are the repairs being done?  

They will be done Summer 2023.

How will the repairs be done? 

200-300 high school students from various communities throughout the United States will convene in Westfield for a week in the Summer of 2023. Each day, sent out in teams of 5-7 students and adults, they will repair homes in our area.  The same group will work on the same house throughout the week until the repairs are completed.


Since 1990, Group Mission Trips has connected over 465,000 high and middle school students and their leaders with local communities to give over 14 million hours freely serving the home repair needs of people in local communities. 


What repairs will be done?  

Exterior painting, installing and repairing decks, building wheelchair ramps, and mobile home skirting will be the primary focus of the repairs. 


What will the repairs cost me?  

If you are selected, the repairs are FREE.


How can I be assured the repairs will be done well?  

Students and adults are evaluated and based on their skills they are matched to homes where they can do the needed repairs. Trained construction coaches will oversee the repairs and guide the participants in their work throughout the we


How will I know I am chosen for the repairs? 

Once this application is submitted, you will be called to make an appointment so a pair of people can come out to your house to see the needed repairs, to talk with you, and take pictures of your repairs. If your home meets our skill level, in May of 2023 you will be called to let you know if your repairs will be done. In May of 2023 our priority list will be made and you will be notified if you house is on the list for repairs. Throughout this process we can not guarantee that your home will be repaired.


If I have further questions, who may I contact?  

Please email any questions to or call us at 317-402-6574.