Family Friendly BIG EVENTS

Neighbors enjoy doing life together. In order that our neighbors can know one another in a safe, fun, and positive environment, we host FREE BIG EVENTS that allow our neighbors to interact and build relationships with each other.

Our next event is our POPCORN AND PUNCHLINES - A family friendly comedy show. You will not

want to miss it! See details below...

or CLICK HERE for more information.

Our Popcorn and Punchlines Community Summer Showcase

is our next BIG EVENT.

Friday night, May 31, 2024, 7pm. 

Doors open at 6:17pm.

This FREE Family-Friendly Comedy Showcase will held at the IMMI Conference Center, 18880 N. East Street, Westfield, IN. (just off of US 31, one mile east of Grand Park.)

Eight comedians from all over the United States including  Virginia, Arizona, Texas, Rhode Island, Oklahoma,  and Kentucky - will entertain us with their incredible wit and humor.  This is the third annual PopCorn and Punchlines event.

You and your neighbors are invited to this GRAND event!

Check this out for more information: 8 Comedians.

Chili Cook-Off and Fall Festival

Wild Wild Westfield Fall Festival was held Saturday September 30, 2023  for our neighbors that included children’s games, sport challenges, a chili cook-off, Manny the mechanical bull, live animals, face painting, and great music by a local band. It was held on the campus of CrossRoads Church at Westfield.

This FREE event featured Westfield's Premier Chili-Cook-Off and included some incredible bowls of chili made by local neighbors. Cash prizes were awarded!

Our 2024 EVENT will be held on Saturday, September 28, 4-7:30pm. Mark your calendars!

Our Most Recent Event

Our FREE annual Pizza and Punchlines Comedy Night was an incredible event on February 17, 2024 with pizza served at 6 pm and the show at 7 pm.  

See a clip from the event below.

TAYLOR MASON was our headliner for the night and entertained us with his myriad of skills including improv, ventriloquism, and musical comedy.

Taylor says, "I won Star Search (the predecessor to America’s Got Talent for those of you too young to know, or too old to remember), I’ve been in great demand all across the US and all over the world.

I provide appropriate entertainment for everything from tailored corporate presentations and commercials to Carnegie Hall, from Second City to churches to Disney cruises."

Such GREAT Comedians....

LEON THE JOKESTER is hailed as “The funniest blind Comedian in stand-up”, by Voyage San Antonio Magazine. He has one focus in comedy and that is to spread love, hope, and laughter. Widely known for his clean and relatable comedy for all age groups, comedian Leon the Jokester brings a style of humor the entire family can enjoy. He addresses life issues, finding hope in tough times, and how to walk by faith and not by sight in every season of life. 

JUNE COLSON returned to Westfield as the host of the evening. June Colson is a wife, mother, sister, daughter and the winner of the 2020 Clean Comedy Challenge in Nashville, TN. 

She developed her comedy as both a defense mechanism and a way to connect as she navigated through the challenges of growing up in poverty, being bullied at school and living with both a father's alcoholism and a mother's mental health struggles.

She's joyful, genuine, witty, caring and does an incredible McDonalds' comedy routine. June is a regular comedian in our summer Popcorn and Punchlines Summer Showcases.

A Little Bit of Taylor Mason...

"...It is Just the Way We Do It in Westfield"


"The happiest people I know are people who don't even think about being happy. They just think about being good neighbors, good people. And then happiness sort of sneaks in the back window while they are busy doing good."


A Night of MUSIC

Music is a great way to reach the soul and an outstanding way to enjoy the goodness of life. Throughout the year CrossRoads has music nights wherein local bands and musicians play rock, roll, blues, and country music for the enjoyment of our local neighbors.  The Mulligans and the Frigginaires shared the stage at CrossRoads for a GREAT energetic night of music.

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