Neighbors enjoy doing life together. In order that our neighbors can know one another in a safe, fun, and positive environment, we will host FREE BIG EVENTS  that will allow our neighbors to interact and build relationships with each other.

Our next event is our PIZZA AND PUNCHLINES - A Family Friendly Comedy Show. You will not

want to miss it! See details below.....


Our FREE annual Pizza and Punchlines will be held February 18, 2023 with pizza starting to be served at 6 pm and the show at 7 pm. 

Four comedians will be joining us for the night including Dry Bar Comedy comic Marty Simpson, Horace Sanders, and returning to us our host for the evening Ross Bennett. 

Bring your family and friends for this great night of laughter.  In the middle of winter everyone needs a laugh or two!

Chili Cook-Off and Fall Festival

Wild, Wild Westfield Fall was our most recently event for our neighbors that included children’s games, sport challenges, Chili Cook-off, a mechanical bull, live animals, face painting, and great music by a local band.

This FREE event featured Westfield's Premier Chili-Cook-Off and included some incredible bowls made by local neighbors. Cash prizes were awarded!

Popcorn and Punchlines In-Person Summer Showcase

Our FREE POPCORN AND PUNCHLINES was held June 4, 2022 at 7 pm.  This family friendly event had us laughing at life and enjoying an evening with our friends and family.  

This FREE event was held at the IMMI Conference Center, 18880 N. East Street, Westfield, IN. (just off of US 31, one mile east of Grand Park.)

Eight comedians from seven different states - North Carolina, Arizona, Texas, Rhode Island, Oklahoma, Florida, and Kentucky - will entertain us with their wit and humor. 

Comedian Rhonda Corey, from Rhode Island, truly embodies the New England spirit. It’s no wonder that her authenticity with a twist of lovable sass has resonated with audiences from Rhode Island to California and back to Indiana! 

Michele VanDusen, from Oklahoma, was the winner of 2019 The Southern Oklahoma Comedy Showdown and was born and raised in Chicago. 

Chris Ruppe, from North Carolina, makes people laugh by looking back on past experiences from his childhood, parenting, and adopting a child.

Returner to Westfield, June Colson is a comedian, writer, and podcaster born in Indiana and raised in the Bluegrass State. June holds the prestigious title as 2020's Nashville Clean Comedy CHAMPION! 

Dorie McLemore, hails from Texas, is a story teller and joy-bringer who believes that caffeine is keeping her alive, popcorn should be its own food group, and that true joy comes from knowing that we are worthy of God's love in the middle of our imperfections. 

From Arizona, Mike James’ brand of humor fueled by his general confusion of being a husband, father, and just a human being keeps his audiences laughing.

Mary Ellen Petrillo, from Florida, will touch your heart as she reaches right into the nooks and crannies of everyday events. She knows you, your kids, your parents, and she is here to tell you about it!  

From Arizona, Brian Kohatsu spent 20 years as an award-winning director before stepping away from the camera for a career in comedy. He quickly found success in radio and gained national recognition when he was featured on Sirius/XM radio. 

"The happiest people I know are people who don't even think about being happy. They just think about being good neighbors, good people. And then happiness sort of sneaks in the back window while they are busy doing good."


A Night of MUSIC

Music is a great way to reach the soul and an outstanding way to enjoy the goodness of life. Throughout the year CrossRoads has music nights wherein local bands and musicians play rock, roll, blues, and country music for the enjoyment of our local neighbors.  The Mulligans and the Frigginaires shared the stage at CrossRoads for a GREAT energetic night of music.

Want to join us? Have questions?

Send an email ( and we'll be in touch with you soon!