Circle City Relief exists to reveal Jesus Christ to a struggling world through engagement, the provision of food & resources and evangelism. As we do this we fight poverty, hunger, homelessness, and certain emotional distress that our friends face.


CIRCLE CITY RELIEF provides a space for volunteers of like mind and heart to put their faith in Christ to practice at our serving site as they do for others rather than for themselves.


Every Sunday  CCR serves the 34th and Meridian community in Indianapolis, no matter the weather with the love of Christ because Jesus first loved us.


Home-Base Prep from 10:00-12:15 - Help heat up food and pack for transport

Serving Site Distribution from 12:30-2:00 - Give food and clothing to neighbors

Afternoon Clean Up from 2:15-3:15 - Put away supplies after serving

CROSSROADS CHURCH AT WESTFIELD serves by providing clothing on the LAST SUNDAY of each month. Interested in serving...?  Meet us at CrossRoads Church at 11:00 on the last Sunday of the month or contact CrossRoads at

IMPACT of Circle City Relief

CCR is more than Sunday outreach. There’s a lot that happens during the week that goes unseen. Some wonder what Circle City Relief all about? CCR provides food in the form of rescued pizza, donated soup, donated bread and pastry items, and purchased produce on Sundays to people that come out from the surrounding 34th and Meridian community that need it to get by for the day or weekend but what happens during the week? 

The engagement. The relationships. The deep conversations. What does that lead to? There’s nothing more precious than getting to know someone. We can’t possibly help anyone unless we know them, who they are, what they’re going though, what they’ve done about it, what they need, what they’re thinking, who or what they rely on, where’s their hope, what’s their plan, what drives them, where’s God in all of this, how we can help?

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Circle City Relief serves in the parking lot of School 60 in Indianapolis, IN, no matter the weather, summer or winter. Tables are set up from which food - pizza, fruit, and baked goods - is provided to each of the 200+local residents. 

On the third Sunday of each month, Conquest Cycling group provides free bike repair to any who need it.

On the last Sunday of each month CrossRoads Church at Westfield provides clothing of all types and sizes to those in attendance. CrossRoads receives and sorts all clothing donated to us. It is then placed in bins, transported to the serving site, and then is made available to all without cost.

If you are interested in serving you may:

1. Contact CrossRoads Church at, or

2. Sign up directly with Circle City Relief on their website at: