Washington Woods Elementary

The students, families, and teachers of our neighborhood elementary school have a variety of needs that regularly go unmet. 38% of the students at the school are on free or reduced meals. As neighbors take care of each other, we're excited to serve the students, staff, and faculty of Washington Woods in several ways...

Provide Athletic Shoes

In the spring when the weather starts to warm up, daylight savings occurs and it is fun to play outside, there is nothing better for a child than to have a new pair of athletic shoes. Every spring aswell as on an "as-needed" basis we provide new athletic shoes for all students of the school who do not have a wearable pair. 

Clothes for Kids

In the midst of a normal day at school, spills happen and accidents take place. Often students do not have a second set of clothes into which they can change. We will make sure that the school nurse has sufficient and proper-sized clothing for children when the need arises.

"All will concede that in order to have good neighbors, we must also be good neighbors. That applies in every field of human endeavor."


Support and Supplies for Teachers

When students run short of supplies, teachers must find a way to provide them. Sometimes the teachers themselves will personally purchase what their kids need. Let’s provide supplies for the teachers so they have what they need to educate their students.

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