We worship on Sundays at 10 am at the CrossRoads Center located at 19201 Grassy Branch Road, in Westfield, IN.

We gather together to worship Jesus, and we'd love for you to join us. 

We welcome you no matter where you are in life - whether you've got a great job, one you don't really like, or no job at all; whether you're single, married, or single again; whether you're a native Hoosier, a transplant, or just visiting for a short time; whether you've followed Jesus for your whole life or are just checking this whole thing out...Whatever your background or place in the world, we'd be honored to get to know you.

Our worship is contemporary, upbeat, and casual. Wear what you like, come grab a cup of coffee, and experience what Jesus is doing around and through us. Have a question? Email us or contact us at!

Current Worship Series

Whether we want to or not, February just seems to remind us of the importance of relationships. Some of us may be celebrating good friends and great marriages. Others of us may have some realtionships that need some healing and mending. And with some, we may just feel stuck wondering what can be done to move the relationship to a better place.

God reminds us that relationships are the most important part of life and desires that our relationships be good ones that build up, sometimes challenge, but always strengthen us.  In this relationship series we will look at some wisdom that God teaches us about healthy growing realtionships and things that we learn, over time, about getting along well with our roommates, soulmates, or just plain friends..  




CrossRoads Church is located in Westfield, Indiana - is located 2 miles east of Grand Park and just about 20 minutes north of Indianapolis.

If you're from the area or are just visiting, please stop by to say hi. 

We love meeting new people and we would love to meet you!

Location: 19201 Grassy Branch Road

Westfield | Indiana | 46074

Phone: 317.896.7000

Sunday Worship: 10am EST